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Ghana is officially called the Republic of Ghana, a sovereign multinational state and unitary presidential constitutional democracy. In 1957, it became the first sub-Saharan African nation to declare independence from European colonization. It is located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, in the subregion of West Africa. The word Ghana means "Warrior King" in Mande. Ghana has a population of approximately 27 million, from a variety of ethnic and religious groups. Its varied geography includes savannas, forests, springs, cave systems, mountains, estuaries, and nature reserves. Prior to colonization by the British Empire in the early-20th century, Ghana was the site of numerous kingdoms and empires, the most powerful being the Kingdom of Ashanti.

Ghana's annual space exploration expenditure has been 1% of its gross domestic product (GDP) for support research in science and technology and in 2012 Ghana was elected to chairman the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (Comsats) and Ghana has a joint effort in space exploration with South Africa's South African National Space Agency (SANSA).

Ghana Stamp Sets on Space Edit

Date Topic Scott's #
 International Quiet Sun Year

164 - 166 (3),

166a (1)

 International Quiet Sun Year186 - 188 (3)
 Einstein, Albert190 (1),
191a (1)
 International Telecommunications Union Centenary: emblem204 - 207 (4),
207a (1)
 Space achievements305 - 307 (3),
307a (1)
 Apollo 11386 - 389 (4),
389a - 389b (2)
 Apollo 11394 - 397 (4),
397a (1)
 World Meteorological Organization centenary: satellites503 - 506 (4),
507 (1)
 Apollo-Soyuz549 - 552 (4),
553 (1)
 Pioneer Venus Space Probe682 - 685 (4),
686 (1)
 Ecowas: satellite station729 (1)
 Intelsat, satellite station755 - 758 (4),
758a (1)
 Earth from space823 (1)
 World Communications Year: satellite station835 - 839 (4),
840 (1)