Welcome to the Catalogue of Space Stamps on WikiaEdit

This wiki is dedicated to the development of a comprehensive encyclopedia of stamps from around the world on the topic of space exploration and related areas.


  1. To create a comprehensive single-source reference on space stamps for interested stamp collectors
  2. To make available high-quality stamp images for research, reference, and use
  3. To make learning about the history, current state, and possible future of space exploration entertaining

About This WikiEdit

Since the time that humans first looked to the skies, we have been fascinated by what is "out there." And while most of our understanding has occurred since the start of the "space race" in the 1960's, the journey began long before then. This wiki was created to tell that story through the use of topical stamps on space.

There are, by best guess, approximately 10,000 different official stamps that have been created around the world on various topics related to space - technologies, exploration, space programs, events, and the people who made it all possible.

I am in the process of painstakingly taking high-resolution images of all of my space stamps, and making them available for others to use. I am currently scanning each stamp, block, page, first day covers, cards, souvenir sheets, and all other space stamp related item at 300 dpi. Since I have many images scanned at lower resolutions (e.g., 100 dpi), some images may initially be uploaded at a lower resolution. However, ultimately, all my images will be upgraded to 300 dpi.

Putting all this into a wiki makes it possible to search through all of the stamps created on this topic.

Views into the Wiki Edit


There is currently only one way to get started in your search of space stamps:

> COUNTRY - This view lists all of the countries that have, over the years, issued stamps on space. This view is excellent for those researching what stamps are available on the topic of space.

However, in the near future, this will be expanded into other ways to search through the images of space stamps:

> TOPICAL - This view will take you into the various topics and subtopics of space shown on stamps.

> TEMPORAL - This view will put space stamps for the major events along a timeline.

Current ActivitiesEdit

Through July 2015: I am currently focusing on creating wiki pages for all of the countries that have printed space stamps, and to insert stamp set pages for my Russia and USA stamps.

Once this is relatively complete, and starting August 2015, I will continue creating wiki pages for each stamp set of which I have images to upload.

Under Construction

Latest activityEdit

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